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Why Should You Get A Dalmatian

Why Should You Get A Dalmatian

Dalmatians make wonderful family companions. This is a type of dog that will fit nicely to whatever your way of life. His medium size is suitable for apartment living, while at the same time a true sporting dog at heart, therefore a great addition to your country or suburban home. In addition, the Dalmatian is an excellent guarddog who is very sensible and alert but not a hysterical barker. He is therefore a dog whose bark is to be respected and investigated! If your Dalmatian sounds a "danger alarm," you can be sure that there is a good reason for it, such as the approach of a stranger. He is initially cautious of strangers and not automatically everyone's friend. Often referred to as courteous dogs, he greets visitors to your home with quiet dignity but at the same time with reserve.

Classifying Dalmatians as Non-Sporting Dogs is inaccurate. He is actually an excellent bird dog, has strong scent hound tendencies, and an efficient retriever. Being the one and only true coach dog, the Dalmatian is a hardy dog who is capable of many miles in "road work" and in early days were often used for herding duties. In addition to being a wonderful companion, a Dalmatian is an elegant dog with his clean lines and spotted markings that gives him a smart and charming appearance. If you and your family loves spending time doing things with your dog, this is an excellent breed to have. He is very intelligent, a fast learner, and very anxious to please his owners. The Dalmatian is fond of children and enjoys playing with them. With early training and socialization, this breed gets along well with other animals. If you are interested in showing your dog, the Dalmatian is a suitable choice of breed. He enjoys being in the dog show limelight and is seldom difficult to teach show routine. His short coat is easy to care for and requires low maintenance grooming.

There is one special concern to watch out for before you purchase a Dalmatian puppy: this breed has a tendency towards deafness. This is a concern to which reliable breeders are making every effort to correct within their breeding programs, and something that one should be aware of in selecting the new family member. Therefore, it is especially important that you purchase your Dalmatian from a reputable Dalmatian breeder. When you shop for your dog, be alert for signs of deafness. Test for keenness of hearing by talking to the puppy, snapping your fingers, chirping at him from behind or off to the side to make sure that you are being heard and reacted to properly. It is not difficult to ascertain that the puppy's hearing is normal, but be alert and watchful as you make your selection.

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 Why Should You Get A Dalmatian

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